Kim Padding


  • Netherlands


Kim Padding – Oxygen Advantage Advanced trainer. Specialised in Business Breathing & train-the-trainer.

Born and raised in an entrepreneurial family, I learned the value of hard work and perseverance from a young age. Throughout my career, I have taken on diverse roles in various organizations, with leadership consistently playing a large role in each of them. Since 2009, I became a coach and trainer and stumbled upon the concept of embodied leadership, which marked the beginning of a transformative and breath-taking journey.

I dove into the connection between the body and mind, tried to understood the physical body and make it understandable for everybody . After that in 2017 I integrated breath and cold techniques as a certified Wim Hof Method instructor. This was just the initiation of a truly awe-inspiring life expedition.

Motivated by this remarkable re-start of my carreer, I sought more knowledge, seeking wisdom from the primary sources. I studied with renowned experts in the field of breathing, including Wim Hof, Kasper van der Meulen, Max Ström, and the wise and humble Patrick McKeown.

The culmination of my experiences led me to write my first educational book during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic in 2020. This was requested by a prominent home study organisation. Meanwhile I have educated 400 Dutch professionals to become breath coaches and individuals harnessing this knowledge for personal development. An effective collection of breathing methods and profound physical insights. This comprehensive education, coupled with practical techniques and guidance by me to instill confidence in guiding others, has resulted in a highly esteemed training program qualified with 9,4 out of 10.

In 2024, this program will undergo an upgrade, evolving into The BreathFluencer—a customized training for professionals working with people. Whether you’re a team leader, HR manager, teacher, physiotherapist, psychologist, or any other professional, The BreathFluencer aims to equip everyone with the mastered skill of breathing.

Under the umbrella of my company,, we collaborate with the finest BreathSupport members to oraganize tailored events for your organization. With a track record of successfully organizing events for up to 400 participants, we thrive on working with organizations genuinely committed to investing in mental and physical well-being, recognizing the breath as the key.

Our flexible approach allows us to tailor our standard programs to your organizational needs. Whether it’s a 30-minute keynote or a year-long education program, a team leader’s one-day business retreat, or an in-depth five-day Leadership expedition at extraordinary locations worldwide, we adapt to serve your requirements.

The foundation of all our breath knowledge is rooted in the wisdom of Oxygen Advantage’s functional breathing. Building upon this foundation, we incorporate additional breath experiences, such as breath journeys, breath-ercises and zenergisers, to help you master your skills and achieve your personal goals.

We are also passionate about training trainers, fostering the OA BreathFluencer ripple effect together. Our training sessions are conducted in a hybrid format, offering both online (live and recorded) and in-person options, ensuring you can benefit from the best of both worlds from anywhere in our nice world.

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