Kirsty Morley
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Kirsty Morley is a Nottinghamshire based Hatha yoga and breathwork coach delivering group classes online and in studio in Melton Mowbray.

After stepping away from a long career in the corporate world, Kirsty now uses her experiences to relate to others with work related stress and anxiety, helping them to uncover their natural breathing patterns.

Kirsty’s approach is to encourage awareness of existing breathing habits and their impact on vitality, before sharing techniques to improve and enjoy the breath, leading to healthier, natural breathing.

A yoga practitioner for over 21 years, Kirsty studied recently with Rebecca Coales, who inspired her to delve further into the science of breathing to better inform her own pranayama practice and that of her clients.

Blending Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing training with classic pranayama, Kirsty brings focus to the breath as the vital part of authentic yoga practice and our ability to thrive as individuals.

You can contact Kirsty or book a class with her via the details below.

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