Kristin Kojan


  • Norway


  • OSLO
I got seriously into Fitness at the age of 16. I never wanted to do anything else and I never looked back.

It was the one thing that occupied me the most in school. That, and languages.

My fitness career started in Norway and at 29 I moved to the US where I received the bulk of my Fitness education. In addition to a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, I continued my education with various individuals and institutions in San Francisco where I lived 23 years. This covers Strength training, CrossFit, Trampoline & Gymnastics, TRS Mobility, Cycling, Core, Pilates, Yoga, and Massage.

Post San Francisco, I lived in London for 6 years. I am currently living in Norway where I teach TRS Mobility, Core and Strength Training in addition to doing Postural assessments, and massage both in group classes and privately.

I was introduced to the biomechanics of breathing, initially through Pilates, and later through my Trampoline Coach, I was led to the benefits of Oxygen Advantage breathing exercise system.

I am now incorporating this in group classes and private sessions- as well as using it for myself for regulating my own states and improve my fitness.

Currently, I do mostly in-person sessions, while online coaching is also available.

I typically work with individuals who are muscle-centric, looking to improve breathing function and capacity, improve posture, increase mobility, increase overall strength and in general, upgrade their health and fitness.

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