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Hello, I am a professional musician and shamanic practitioner who performs live music events, spiritual sound baths, and offers music lessons for singing and numerous instruments.

The first time I experienced the benefits of breath training was during my introduction to the ancient Chinese health practice of Qi Gong in 2012. As a lifelong martial artist, I was excited to see the benefits which first came to my level of focus and then to my levels of energy and endurance.  In the time since then, I have remained excited and intrigued by the benefits of breath training while participating in live workshops and completing online programs including the Wim Hof Method.  As I was called to share this knowledge in a modern and scientific way, I discovered the Oxygen Advantage program which has proven to be an incredibly thorough and enlightening process that is not only simple, safe, and effective but is also suitable for everyone.

OA breath training has been greatly beneficial to my personal and professional life and I am excited to share it not only with family and friends, but to incorporate it into music lessons, sound bath meditations, and shamanic ceremonies. With this training, you will be less distracted, less anxious, less fatigued and have more focus, more calm, more energy and an overall sustained feeling of wellness.  Let’s work together and start you on a path to experience your fullest potential of health and happiness.  

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