Kym Jongebloed


  • Australia



My name is Kym Marie Jongebloed, I live and work in the beautiful Adelaide Hills where I have a Remedial Massage Therapy and Breathwork Business.

Having nursed for many years in Sleep Medicine caring for people with dysfunctional breathing has laid solid ground for my breathwork business.  I am passionate about breathwork and its power to improve general health, mental health, and physical performance.  I enjoy creating breathwork programs for people to weave into their daily lives to feel better and improve their health. 

My family and I have felt the great benefits of breathing functionally.  Through breathwork, I can control my anxiety, and as a recreational runner, I have improved my performance and recovery.  It gives me great joy to see the positive impact breathwork has on my family and my clients enabling them to navigate the corporate world, their studies, exercise goals, and life in general.     

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