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After struggling for over 4 years with a chronic illness called Chronic Lyme, I decided no more.
I started researching all these amazing stories of people who healed themself of all sorts of illness.

That also led me to Patrick McKeown of the oxygen Advantage. In just a few months I was able to heal myself. Through, breathing practices combined with mindfulness and food

It has become my mission to share these amazing techniques with the world. There is so much suffering, I truthfully believe that can be avoided or at least improved a lot!

My man (the technique man behind the scenes) and I decided to create a new business, called “MONKKEY” to achieve an overall transformation, with the most powerful techniques available, such as the Oxygen Advantage!

By combining all these powerful techniques such as breathing, body balance though yoga to recreate balance throughout the nervous system, mindfulness through meditation and basics on neurology to get a clearer understanding of how your mind, body and brain work, so people can use it to their fullest advantage, their fullest potential.

Our name represents unlocking your = MONKKEY
The MONK inside your MONKEY mind.
From chaos, to balance.
From constantly over stimulated to resilience towards stress.
From a narrow focus, to a clear broad focus.
From lack of self-worth to trust

We (will) teach our students online, and in real life through workshops.

We teach groups, but for extra guidance you can always contact us if needed, we want each person to be able to unlock their MONKKEY.

We are base in Belgium near Ghent.
Molenstraat 26

Clients: anybody who seeks to improve their physical or mental health.

Languages E-learning: English
Workshops: Dutch and English

[email protected]

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