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My name is Laura van Tatenhove. My introduction to breathwork developed via Yoga and Prananyama (Yoga breathing practices).

Frustrated by my numerous failed attempts to give up a 13 year old smoking addiction, I thought I’d try something that would nourish my respiratory system rather than poison it. Within a month of very regular and disciplined practice I had given up.

Until that point, I hadn’t found anything engaging or convincing enough to replace my life as a smoker. (It’s never just about breaking the addiction to one thing; it’s about unravelling the sense of ourselves that is attached to that addiction and finding a more sustainable, nourishing vision of who we want to be).

Twenty years on I still find breathwork one of the most effective and accessible tools for creating space for change, gaining equilibrium and maintaining clarity. As well as being a Breath Instructor I am an experienced Massage and Bowen Therapist.

I have worked with clients from 4 months to 92 years of age, from elite athletes, to those suffering from long term inflammatory conditions such as ME, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Asthma and more recently Long Covid.

I’m also interested in helping people affected by stress related conditions such as Migraine, IBS, Insomnia, and chronic back and neck pain. My breath clinic is based in Lancaster, United Kingdom and I work with clients in person and via Zoom (Globally).

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