Laurent Notin


  • Finland



I’m an Entrepreneur, Coach To Entrepreneurs, Start-up Mentor, Podcast Host, and CrossFit addict.

I’ve always cared more about others than about myself. I’ve developed a passion for coaching, mentoring, advising, and training people throughout the years. Combined with my entrepreneurial mindset, becoming a coach to entrepreneurs just made sense.

Today, I combine my experience and expertise to make sure entrepreneurs don’t become the bottleneck in their businesses and therefore get stuck.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work; it demands sacrifice. The pressure is constantly high. You always think about it, you constantly work on it, you want to go fast, and as a result, you rarely take any days off.

How long can you sustain such a pace?

Your body and mind can take a certain volume of stress before you eventually collapse.

I love to compare being an entrepreneur to being a professional athlete: entrepreneurship is the race of your life.

Professional athletes know the importance of taking care of themselves because they understand their bodies and minds are interconnected tools. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t see it. And I want to change that perception, starting from ground zero: breathing.

Like athletes pay attention to their breathing, entrepreneurs need to learn to do the same. So they can quiet their mind, deal with the pressure better, become more efficient and be healthier overall. This is why I have integrated OA methods into my work.

I live in Helsinki, Finland but I mostly work online as 80% of my clients are located abroad.

My website: (please note that I haven’t included OA methods on it yet as I’ve just become certified)

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