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Leigh Hawkins


I have a BS and MS in exercise physiology and have been in the personal training business since 1992. In 1998, I opened my own personal training studio, where I treat, train and coach clients of all ages and fitness levels. Along with multiple personal training certifications, I am also a certified Muscle Activation Technique specialist, a wellness and life coach, and a mindfulness/meditation teacher.

My goal with each client is to first listen their needs, whether it is acute or chronic pain, improving their physical well-being, or coaching them on mental and emotional issues. Along with filling out a health and wellness questionnaire, I perform a range of motion evaluation to determine any limitations or muscle imbalances. Using this information, I may need to manually treat them using MAT techniques or I will slowly begin to progress them through exercises that address their weaknesses, while improving their strength and stability. Each exercise prescribed is modified to fit the client’s physical limitations as well as help them get in better physical condition.

Since I treat with a holistic approach, the OA exercises will be extremely beneficial to all of my clients. I have and plan to continue to introduce all my clients to the OA exercises and to incorporate them into each client’s program. The benefits to heart health and BP will help the clients who would like to reduce or eliminate their BP medicine as well improve their strength and cardiovascular endurance. My younger and more athletic clients can benefit from the exercises that help improve aerobic capacity and performance. I am incorporating it into my mindfulness practice to help with focus as well as deregulating the nervous system. I am looking forward to presenting the OA approach and exercises to local running and triathlete groups.

I usually teach/instruct from my studio space, but since the pandemic, I am using Zoom as a way to reach those who choose to stay at home. Since the OA exercises don’t have to be in person, I plan to advertise my services on-line to reach a larger audience.

I am located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Businees Name: Leigh Hawkins Integrative Fitness