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I first entered the personal training industry in 1992 after earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise physiology. In 1998, I opened my own personal training studio. There, I treat, train, and coach clients of all ages and fitness levels. Along with Oxygen Advantage (OA) certification, I am a certified Muscle Activation Technique specialist and personal trainer, as well as life coach and mindfulness meditation instructor.

My goal with each client is to listen carefully to their needs so that I can design a custom approach and focus on the area(s) that need attention. Each client fills out a health and wellness questionnaire and undergoes a ROM evaluation to determine if any physical limitations are present. The more I know about each client’s history and present condition, the better I am able to formulate a process and prescribe exercises to target the areas of concern.

Incorporating OA breathing exercises into a client’s program can be extremely beneficial. These exercises are effective for clients with high blood pressure, those with anxiety or panic disorders, and those who want to improve aerobic capacity. Other benefits include spinal stabilization, better concentration, and improved sleep quality.

OA exercises are also advantageous for clients of all ages and levels. For example, younger and more athletic individuals notice marked improvement in their overall aerobic capacity and performance. OA works just as great for older clients with limited capabilities and respiratory issues. I also integrate OA methods into mindfulness practice to help regulate the nervous system, improve focus, and enhance mental clarity.

My studio space is located in Charlotte, NC. I also offer virtual instruction via Zoom and lead classes throughout the community.

Business name: Leigh Hawkins Integrative Fitness

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