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Leo Daniel Ryan

Europe / Ireland

Based in Co. Louth Ireland, world renowned trainer and health coach Leo Daniel empowers clients to be their own health hero’s using an integrated lifestyle-practice approach. Breath practice, physical training, personal development, nutrition, well being practices form the core of Leo Daniel’s approach to health. This comes from his own life-long adventure into disease and health.

In 2004 Leo Daniel trained, under leading Buteyko Breathing Practitioner Patrick McKeown, to heal his own childhood asthma. Since then, Leo Daniel has continued to learn, experience and understand the benefits of breathing and physical training to health and peak performance. He has trained academically and professionally in many disciplines of breathing, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning over the last 15 years. In the last five years his practice came full circle to understand the breathing as it relates to health and athletic performance. He has studied many methods of breathing including Wim Hof, free-diving, Yoga, and many more styles. Three years ago, Leo Daniel returned under the tutelage of Patrick to attain his Diploma in Buteyko Breathing and become one of the first cohort of Oxygen Advantage instructors.

Recently Leo Daniel developed his internationally successful personalized career into an online format. This provides clients from all over the world the opportunity to experience the foundations of health performance in a strategic way. Usually people have to scour many specialised professionals to find out the foundations of health. Never before have people had the opportunity to learn an integrated approach to the fundamentals of health in a cost-effective manner.

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