Leonie Hemme


  • Netherlands



Over the years I have noticed that we all have gone through numerous of stressful/traumatic situations during our life. These moments make a huge impact on us. Sometimes they can have the ability to mentally haunt us for many years or even have a very negative effect on our physical health. While working for the National Dutch Police Department for more than 20 years, I have witnessed these events taking place on a daily basis. Besides that, I have experienced some myself as well.

Because of this, I decided to gain more knowledge about how my own body works and how it reacts to certain influences. I wanted to get more insights as I believe we all have a certain responsibility to ourselves as it comes to our overall health, lifestyle and choices that we make.

This brought me, among other things, to a nutritionist course + orthomolecular nutrition, and a sports course to become a personal trainer. Beside working as a personal trainer and as an instructor for the Police Department, I am working as a Breath-work coach (based on trauma release) and I became an Oxygen Advantage instructor. 

It fascinates me observing and learning about how we humans are formed, what is driving us, what the reasons are for certain (unhelpful) behavior and how we deal with situations that come our way. 

It is my passion to support people, giving them tools, so that they become aware of their own patterns. Working with the body, especially with the breath is important to me in every step of the process of self awareness. 
I invite you to explore your own inner-path-journey using your breath!

I teach OA face to face in and around Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands.

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