Lindsey Trubia
United States of America


  • United States of America


Upon completing her elite athlete career as Women’s soccer player at Providence College in Rhode Island, Lindsey moved to Hawaii and immersed herself in yoga teacher trainings and big wave surfing. Little did she know the ocean’s energy would guide her through her journey of self-love and purpose.

After experiencing a near-death experience in 2013 surfing in Hawaii, Lindsey’s life shifted traveling the world and becoming an intuitive energy healer, yogi and breathwork practitioner. Certified through Wim Hof, Buteyko Clinic and Oxygen Advantage academies, Lindsey continues to re-invent intuitive breathwork with the quantum field, cold and hot exposure and energy center alignment.

Guiding her clients through emotional shifts, trauma release and lowering anxiety, her intention is to allow space and new ways of being for her clients to discover a heightened sense of purpose and self-love in addition to sport performance.

Today Lindsey is traveling around the world, leading retreats and guiding sports teams to optimal health and happiness through the art of breathing and one breath at a time.

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