Lisandra Borges Soldati


  • Brazil



Clinical psychologist, Specialist in impulse control disorders (CA, USA 2003) and scheme-focused therapy (Wainer/INT. SCHEM THERAPY, NY 2010). Trained in Mindfulness and mental health (CA, USA), certified in Sports Psychology for high-performance sports athletes (BARÇA Universita Barcelona, SPAIN). Facilitator of international mindfulness and compassion programs such as the Cultivation Institute, Mexico and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Massachusetts, USA. She took several courses in the breathing area such as the Win-Hof method, Pranayamas. Psychological Breathing, MPEAK. She has been practicing yoga and respiratory techniques for more than 16 years)

She has been working in clinical practice and in groups since 2001, helping people live better through the combined approach of their entire experience, and encompassing the primordial aspect of functional breathing so that their clients can have and live a better life that makes sense! Serves high-performance athletes in the Football area since 2014 online or in person!

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