Lise Windfeld Bornerup


  • Denmark


  • EGA
Lise Windfeld Bornerup started her career in breathing in 2006 when she spent time in Ireland with Patrick McKeown while he trained her and she became a certified Buteyko Educator.

Lise has had her clinic AstmaCare and ButeykoClinic Danmark since 2006 where she currently still sees clients.

Shortly after becoming a Buteyko Educator she joined the BBEA, Buteyko Breathing Educators Association, where for a number of years she conducted the “Case Study Webinars” for members of the association.

In more recent years Lise participated in a program from the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences, Science and Practice of Breathing Behaviour Analysis, Physiology, Behaviour Analysis, Behaviour Modification, Instrumentation. Last year (2019) she was fortunate enough to train again with her first trainer, Patrick McKeown in the Oxygen Advantage® technique.

Over the years Lise has translated most of Patrick McKeown’s books into Danish. ‘Close Your Mouth’ remains a popular book in Denmark after 12 years.

Lise developed an interest in breathing because of her lifelong asthma and later on COPD/emphysema. After working with the breath she has been fortunate to stay clear of all medication.

For the past 20 years Lise has also worked as a licensed psychotherapist – the combination between psychotherapy and breathing fits like a hand in glove.

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