Louise Fitzgibbon


  • Canada



Louise learned how important it is to have the tools to manage stressors and to respond compassionately not only to others but also to oneself. Over the years she was searching for something that could help her settle anxieties and increase her performance. Learning how to adopt specific breathwork patterns has taught her how to use the power of her breath to control how she experiences daily life with more presence. 

Recognizing the benefits of focusing on the breath and the importance of functional breathing; she immersed herself in certification programs: Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko with Patrick McKeown, Peak Flow, and Pause Breathwork by Samantha Skelly.

She is inspired to reach her full potential and assist others in finding theirs.  This can be done through workshops or custom designed multi-week programs based on the individual’s interests and needs.

Louise is located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She works with people online and in-person.

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