Louise Herzog
Wales | UK


  • Wales | UK
For over 20 years I have worked in fast paced, high pressured and tough sales environments. I hit a point in my life where I was “performing” at work but definitely not doing the same with life. As a new working mother, I faced emotional stress I hadn’t anticipated – I had to find a way to change and quickly! I explored multiple coaching methods for my own development and realised that this was my passion and Revolution Performance Mindset was born!

As a Mindset Performance Coach, I educate others and show them the widest range of tools for FAST, effective change. Trained in techniques that offer both scientific and alternative approaches, I transform both mind and body! The learning for me is that we can give our absolute best performance but ONLY if we know how to recover – not as an afterthought but as part of a daily programme!

With a passion for CrossFit and Weightlifting I now bring together my knowledge of the physical body and Mindset – coaching lasting change and accelerating high performance. As an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, I understand the importance of Recovery and its impact on taking training to the next level. The 1 Minute Recovery Plan focuses on improving your HRR time through breath, improving your BOLT score and enabling your body to become more resilient to stress during physical activity. I love to experiment and curious now to combine Oxygen Advantage and iRest as part of a physical training programme – allowing the body to dive into deep rest and restoration.

Louise is based in South Wales, teaching UK wide and worldwide on Zoom.

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