Loz Antonenko


  • Australia


Are you ready to escape the cycle of busy-ness and stress, to take your life to the next level of success?

As a Healthy Habit Coach, Loz helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs unlock themselves from the burden of burnout by teaching them how to improve their daily habits for optimised health, happiness and vitality. She has written a book, The Healthy Habit Handbook, which provides a failsafe blueprint to mastering habits for health and hosts a podcast, The Healthy Habit Hotseat, where she interviews extraordinary humans and dive deep into the daily habits that have shaped their success.

A certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor, Weight Loss Specialist and Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Loz’s mission is to teach others how to prioritise habits to sustain the energy required for success in any part of one’s life. Exercise, sunlight, sleep, downtime with family and friends, quality nutrition, reading, self-development and breath work all form the fundamentals of quality self-care and this is exactly what Loz helps her clients to improve so they can optimise their daily routines for sustainable performance.

If you’re ready to level up your life, Loz will have you firing on all cylinders with simple, realistic solutions to help you unlock the transformative power of healthy habits.

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