Lukasz Chmurzynski


  • Ireland


  • CORK

Lukasz is a fire fighter with over 10 years experience in aviation fire and rescue.

Originally from Poland, he now lives in Ireland for the past 17 years.

Lukasz is the holder of a Sports Science Degree and is fully qualified PT, Spinning®, SpinPower®, TRX and Xcore instructor.

As a fire fighter Lukasz applies his knowledge to his everyday work where he believes that Oxygen Advantage can give that extra edge in stressful and dangerous situations. Lukasz is passionate about using the Oxygen Advantage breathing method towards improving the working duration of BA (breathing apparatus) in hostile environments.

Lukasz is a triathlon enthusiast and as a multiple finisher of Ironman events he is always looking for ways to improve his training, health and fitness. In this pursuit he came across Patrick McKeown’s work in 2018 and early 2019 became OA Advanced Instructor.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge to improve peoples everyday lives and help them achieve their goals.

Lukasz is available to work on to one or with small groups, both live and online.

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