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  • Singapore



Hi my name is Luke!

My focus is on breath work, plant-focussed nutrition, and movement. For over a decade, I have been helping individuals from all walks of life tap into their full potential and achieve greater levels of flow, creativity, energy, and productivity. After 30+ years of chronic asthma, I managed to heal myself naturally by re-learning how to breathe. This sparked my journey into breath work and becoming a certified breath coach.

As an integrative breath coach, I have acquired an understanding of using the breath to regulate the nervous system and unlock greater performance in all areas of life. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, a busy professional seeking greater mental clarity, focus and access calm on demand, or you might be suffering from health or respiratory issues, my expertise can help you perform and live better.

In addition to my work as a breath coach, I am also a specialist in movement and flow. I help students develop greater body awareness, control, and grace, and with my guidance, you can learn how to move with ease and efficiency, improving your physical and mental well-being in the process.

As a multifaceted expert, I have a background in plant-focussed nutrition and am also a licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach with NLP and hypnotherapy (Ericksonian) experience. This unique combination of skills allows me to offer a holistic approach to optimizing cognitive performance and well-being.

Whether you are looking to improve your physical performance, mental clarity, or overall well-being, I have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. With my guidance, you can learn how to hack your nervous system and tap into your full potential, living a life that is energized, productive, and intentional.

I’m currently based in Singapore. We can either work together in person or online (internationally).

Feel free to reach me at details above.

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