Lyudmila Bazhenova


  • Russia


I’ve lived and breathed with sport all my life. I’ve danced in folk ensemble Radost’ (Yekaterinburg, Russia) since I was 4. I’ve travelled with my team around more than 10 countries and we won a number of international competitions.

I’m fond of challenging my body and willpower, since I’m interested in what I’m capable of. So, I’ve tried freediving, skydiving, tightrope walking and trampolining.

I’m a certified fitness instructor. I give online and offline classes in zumba, body-ballet and stretching.

Three years ago, I started integrating some breathing practices into my training and it dramatically improved my clients’ health and physical performance.

Since 2019 I have been absorbed by breathing. I read a lot of books and scientific articles on the topic and occasionally came across Oxygen Advantage. I’m grateful to Oxygen Advantage course that helped me to gain more profound insight into this field.

In 2020 I created and released my own guide in breathing in which I enumerated and specified different techniques of breathing, like breathing tips for various day-to-day situations: for quicker awakening, restful and sound sleep, relaxation, stress management, etc.

I offer my clients personal programs, aimed at various results up to their needs: lose weight, regulate blood pressure, improve performance and flexibility, etc.

We can start practicing online any time you’d like to start (or offline if, by good fortune, you live in Yekaterinburg).
I’m absolutely sure that functional breathing helps to improve health as well as quality of life in general! I’m really happy that I got to realize this when I was 26 and started to integrate it into my life. I want more people to experience how breathing changes lives. And I’m eager to share this knowledge with you!

In the words of my clients, I give valuable insight into breathing, explain exercises in detail and carefully lead them to encouraging results.

If you want to start breathing, you can contact me via Telegram/WhattsApp or email (shown below)

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