Maarten Hemmen


  • Germany
Born a very energetic child, Maarten started sports at a young age training with multiple selections (gymnastics, basketball, taekwondo) in Holland and competing in national and international competitions. After studying music in Rotterdam, Maarten continued exploring sports training boxing, judo, climbing, cycling and more.

In February 2018 Maarten trained in the Wim Hof method in Poland with Kasper van der Meulen (Level 3 WHM instructor) and continued exploring and teaching cold exposure in Germany.
As an Oxygen Advantage® trainer Maarten learned to control his physical and mental states even better, and found deeper levels of performance, focus, calmness and sleep.

“Having dealt with severe depressions most of my life I came to find that there is so much more we can learn than seems possible at first glance. We quickly get caught in the windmill of traditional therapy and medicines. Through breathing, movement and exposure to cold I was able to work with depression, trauma, energy and perception on a whole different level. Besides my mental health, I’m physically fitter than ever before thanks to the Oxygen Advantage® and how it has taught me to breathe better to be better.”

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