Mana Davis
New Zealand


  • New Zealand


Is Currently working as a Health Coach in the sunny Bay of Plenty, Tauranga in New Zealand.
He works alongside people who are dealing with life challenges, mental and physical.
His passion is helping people to learn how to manage their own health and life style

Mana previously worked 20 years in the film industry as an International Stunt coordinator/ Movement coach and stunt double performer.
One of the core roles was to coach Cast, Stunts and background performers to perform to their highest levels.
Breath-work is a key tool to perform under pressure, calm the nerves before big action scenes and getting to the flow state necessary to perform at the high level.

Another side to his life was dealing with roller coaster rides of mental illness challenges such as depression, Anxiety and high drug and alcohol addiction disease.
The impact of living so many years in the vicious cycle severely effected my life and health to the point where I hit many rock bottoms. Relationship break ups, money issues, health issues, work issues. So many issues its not funny?

The OA has given me one of the most awesome tools to manage my own health and life and now all I want to do is share it to those who are ready for change and growth.

Life and Health coach
Wim Hoff fundamentals
Oxygen advantage
Reiki level 3
Stunt coordinator
Mindfulness Instructor

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