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Manuel Oria, beyond a yoga instructor, is a curator of movement experience. Driven by the mystical glimpses that consistent yoga practice provides, he passionately delivers to his students ways to spark their own journey of mapping the human experience. His passion for the art of movement has led him to research extensively Indian vinyasa technology, pranayama, contemporary science-based movement, and breathing practices.

The practice regime of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition became Manuel’s most precious finding after dealing with the tragic loss of his father and the inevitable time of instability that came after. He began teaching yoga a little after graduating from the University of Puerto Rico in 2014. His academic background in Interdisciplinary Science fueled his passion for learning about the body and he used the yoga class as a platform to keep on his studies.

Manuel leads immersions, workshops, and daily classes in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and abroad. His classes are built on routines from Classical Ashtanga Yoga, Rocket® Vinyasa and refined with elements of Functional Range Conditioning and Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing in which he certified in 2020


-Interdisciplinary Science
-Exercise Physiology and Physical Education
-Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

What do I teach?

-Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
-Rocket® Vinyasa
-Functional Range Conditioning based mobility classes

How I incorporate OA into my methods:

OA has changed the way I practice and teach Pranayama to my yoga students. A more profound understanding of the breathing mechanics and physiology in the language we are familiar with and applying Patrick’s teaching techniques sharpens the delivery. I also started teaching Online morning routine classes which incorporate OA exercises and have been using the techniques with my private clients for multiple purposes ranging from overall fitness to alpinism.

Clubhouse: @manuel0ria

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