Mara Valencia


  • Mexico

Mara Valencia is a certified Low-Pressure Fitness and Yoga instructor. Her specialty is hypopressive training.
She graduated from Vancouver Film School (Acting for film and TV) where she was first introduced to breathwork and Yoga practice. Her education and training allows her to communicate and facilitate groups in an “on line” setting, as well as precise communication and guidance through video and voice.

“Breathwork changed the relationship I had with my body, and through that process my life changed, I am very passionate and grateful to be able to facilitate life changing tools such as breathwork and movement that can allow anyone to become present and aware, but mostly to be able to experience life with attention. I believe there is no better place than HERE and no better moment than NOW. Breathwork and movement allows anyone to experience the magic and power of the present moment.”

Mara is based in Mexico and teaches online group programs focused on female clients, as well as 1 on 1 online coaching for female and male clients. She is also a Rainbow Yoga Kids Certified instructor and works with children and families.

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