Marco Antonio Tamayo
Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates


  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • United Arab Emirates


I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. I’ve been in Fitness Industry for more than 20 years.

I am a Filipino from Davao City, Philippines where I started working as a Fitness Supervisor after graduating in the University.

After that I grow my Fitness Business when I traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, establishing my own Personal Training Consultancy where I manage a team of Personal Trainers.
And building my own Fitness Gym back home in the Philippines where I cater not only clients but building a Fitness Army of Out of School youths where I help them build their Fitness career.

My strong background in medical field helps me and have an advantage teaching individual achieving their fitness goals. And having the motto “Prevention is better than cure”.

Now, studying and learning about Oxygen Advantage gives me more skills and ideas on how to add on and tailoring my clients exercise program. Especially this days, everyone is stressed and everyone experiencing uncertainty.

This new skills and certification is applicable mostly to everyone improving their Functional breathing. And I will apply it 1st to myself. Share it and teach my scholars via online.

As I am now based in Australia, starting my family life, I am also planning to start teaching my

Kids what Functional Breathing brings us to help improve our daily lives.

I teach and train most of my clients within Gold Coast Area and online too.

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