Marcus Quinn


  • Ireland



Marcus is on the verge of becoming a qualified S&C coach in Setanta College. His sporting background lies in hurling, where he currently plays with his local club in the Galway Senior Hurling Championship. Prior to commencing his studies in Setanta, he studied Product Design & Technology at the University of Limerick and began his career as a Product Development Engineer in the medical devices industry.

Marcus’ interests in the various aspects of performance training and health practices have been steadily growing in the last few years. Since first reading Oxygen Advantage, his curiosity about training the breath never went away and led him to Innate Strength where he participated in the ‘Project Breathe’ programme. Here, he was exposed to the Buteyko Method, the Wim Hof Method, and many other practices. Restoring his breath brought profound benefits to his health and performance and honed his interest in the mind-body connection. Ultimately, the breath training programme showed him where his true interests lay, and he decided to leave his job as an engineer and pursue a career in coaching.

Marcus is operating out of Galway and is interested in taking on both, face-to-face clients, as well as online clients through Innate Strength. Although his background is in sport, he is open to both, athletes and general population as he is passionate about health.

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