Mardi Schulz


  • Australia
Mardi works as a freelance Personal Trainer and CrossFit coach, however, she has a very
holistic approach. Assisting chronically stressed individuals to slow down and teaching
people how to build that mind muscle connection, to reconnect clients back to their body
through movement such as strength training and their breath.

Having come from glandular fever, ross river virus, chronic fatigue and a sleeping disorder
whilst still trying to work as an electrician and run a personal training business three years
ago. Mardi was all too familiar with the chaotic lifestyle of being chronically stressed,
however, had to learn firsthand for herself how to “relax” and “slow down”. She now works
to assist similar people out of that lifestyle.

If you can slow someone down and bring them into the present moment by helping them
become aware of their body, how they are moving and their breathing, they don’t have the
brain capacity to think about the 20 other things that was going through their brain when
they walked in the door. Bringing a form of mindfulness through strength training to those
who are learning how to slow down. This then starts to spread across the rest of their lives. –

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