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Maria suffered from asthma and allergies from the time she was four years old. While so many of her school friends played sports, and seemed to run and jump with ease, she could barely keep up; let alone run the requisite mile in high school gym class.  Asthma and pneumonia had her in hospital regularly through her late 30’s and began to cause a litany of health issues including obesity.  After implementing the Buteyko Method, not only did Maria ditch her asthma meds for good; she had uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, and I lost 72 pounds!  The experience was so transformative, that she developed a passion to help others achieve optimum health naturally! 

For 25 years, Maria was working in the dental environment with highly skilled doctors as their “right hand man”. She educated and coached staff as well as patients through airway centric modalities. In 2020 she decided to utilize her extensive experience, training, and passion to begin working exclusively on helping others heal.

As a certified Buteyko Instructor and trained Orofacial Myologist, Maria possesses the unique ability to assess how the mouth, tongue, and facial growth may be impacting dental alignment, oral health, breathing, sleep, and physical well being.  She continues to advance her education and knowledge in the areas of cranial osteopathy, nutrition, temperament & cognitive therapy. Maia’s personal transformation, experience, & professional trainings gives her the tools to see beyond the breath- the whole person. Owner of, Your Living Breath, a functional breathing practice that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; one restorative breath at a time!

Working with clients via video platform. Some in person options based on location. 

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