Maria Gregoric


  • UAE



My professional career is linked to physiotherapy and exercise, as sport was part of my life from early childhood.

Everything started with volleyball and continued with interest in general physiotherapy and then sports physiotherapy. With time I wanted to train people not only help them recover from injury so I got certified as Personal trainer.

I am physiotherapist with personal trainer mind and personal trainer with physiotherapy mind. Sometimes that’s complicated as I tend to go into details. That’ how I found Oxygen Advantage. Had many clients with postural problems, old injuries, aches, bad exercise techniques who weren’t breathing well, taking breathing ability for granted while thinking breathwork is for yoga gurus only.

I tried OA on myself first. Of course, I thought I’ll die with my first light jog nasal breathing. LSD breathing really changed my life. Once again, I wanted to teach others everything OA taught me.

So here I am…

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