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My name is Maria, as a registered nurse and personal trainer health and fitness have been the center of my world for most of my life. I have seen and worked with people on all levels of the health spectrum and with this experience I have developed a strong passion for developing the body to be as resilient as it can be, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have witnessed the benefits a strong mind and spirit has on the body whether in a performance setting or a healing setting.

To me, breathwork is the pinnacle to the mind-body connection. Breathwork aids in not only providing improved physiological functioning but increased mental fortitude and higher sense of spiritual awareness. Anyone and everyone have something to gain from incorporating breathwork into their lifestyle.

I work with all types of people to restore proper breathing patterns and optimize their health from athletes, to moms, to business professionals and to kids. The goals for my clients range from athletic performance, stress and anxiety management, overall health improvement, improved sleep and optimizing work performance. I strive for all my clients to understand the how and why of every OA exercise so they can better carry it into their everyday life.

Location – Bellevue, WA USA / Online.

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