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Hi! I’m Maria Ninoles, a holistic practitioner and wellness advocate serious about helping people like you restore their natural state of health through Breathwork, Ayurveda and Yoga.

I am an Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor, certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach, RYT 500Yoga Alliance yoga teacher, certified Ayurvedic Practitioner DAPC and B.Sc. in Psychology with Diplomas in EFT and NLP.

“The breath is our superpower, yet most of us take this life-giving tool for granted as we navigate our busy lives.”

My purpose is to support people like you to find balance and improve your overall wellbeing. With regular practice of movement, conscious breathing practices and simple lifestyle and dietary shifts, you can create a unique space for observation, bringing balance and awareness that will extend to all areas of your life.

During our sessions, you can expect me to integrate functional breathing training, simulation of altitude training with other Yogic Breathing techniques, in addition to movement and other practices; this holistic approach is always based on the client’s unique needs.

“The healing tools of Breathwork, Ayurveda and Yoga that I’ve experienced – and continue to experience through my clients- astounds me: it’s very humbling to guide people and observe how they become more resilient, focused, energized and balanced.”

I teach my clients in London, UK and Spain, both face to face and online.

Do you want to know how? Get in touch, and let’s talk have a chat.

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