Marija Mitic


  • Serbian
Marija Mitic is a flute teacher, music therapist and a breathing instructor based in Serbia.

For the last 20 years, she has been fully dedicated to researching, studying and applying holistic

methods of working with children with regular development, children with developmental

difficulties, and consequently with their family members.

As a musical performer – a flutist, she perfectly understands the importance of proper breathing

and explores various breathing techniques.

Today, she is fully dedicated to teaching people of all professions and spreading awareness

about the importance of conscious breathing for the overall quality of mental health of people of

all ages.

She envisions Oxygen Advantage as an opportunity to broaden her understanding of respiratory

techniques and integrate them into her pedagogy. Aware of the pivotal role breathing plays in

both musical performance and overall well-being, Marija seeks to deepen her knowledge and

refine her approach to teaching by incorporating the principles advocated by Oxygen


The world organization for children’s rights, “ONG Internationale les arbres de paix”- following

her work, put Serbia on the world map of countries where purposeful breathing programs are

implemented in work with children.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia approved her violence prevention program

“Support in the Classroom” – and Serbia is the first country in the Western Balkans with a

conscious breathing program in schools.

She studies and improves constantly with prominent breathing teachers, and in her work, she

also uses elements of ‘Mindfulness’, the ‘Orff Method’ and ‘Brainspotting’.

Marija coaches clients from the Balkan region in person or online.

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