Marilia Mello


  • Brazil


For 15 years, I have been finding in yoga and breathing practice my physical and mental well-being, after some severe bouts of depression and panic attacks. I, therefore, decided to apply to become a vinyasa yôga teacher in 2019 through the Liquid Vinyasa method, 200h YTT, by the American teacher Micheline Berry.

Since some pranayama techniques were crucial for my mental health, I deepened my studies on the physiology and history of breathing. Fortunately, during my research, I found Oxygen Advantage! I realized that it would be an amazing decision for me to be able to set myself up as an expert breathworker. The techniques Patrick McKeown presents have expanded my knowledge and introduced me to new scientific approaches to the subject of breathing.

My professional goal is to make people understand that breathing has a considerable impact on mental and physical health, and to help people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

If you want to get in touch, my email and instagram are listed below.

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