Marinka Bil


  • Netherlands
Hi, I’m Marinka, a certified breathwork facilitator, transformational coach, Oxygen Advantage Instructor and author of several books. I work with ambitious women in overcoming limiting beliefs and patterns, so they aren’t just successful in what they do, but also get to experience more fulfilment, inner peace, trust and a stronger connection to self.

There’s a huge difference in giving from a place of abundance rather than feeling like you have to keep up with all sorts expectations.

I used to be extremely hard on myself, which lead me to be a national champion in swimming, but also to becoming chronically fatigued at age 16. I was told I’d never be able to do sports again and would always be limited by my physical body.

By looking at my own limiting beliefs and spending a lot of time regulating my nervous system and listening to my body, I now feel better than ever. I’m even running 50k ultra trails and am actually happy with who I am.

I love helping others overcome their own limiting beliefs, reconnect to their intuition and regulate their nervous systems as well. The breath is a very valuable asset to attain that.

I coach individuals and groups and work face to face and online.

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