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“Breathing is a skill evolution gave us. However, in the fast-paced environment of the 21st century, many people have forgotten how to breathe properly. Everybody can recover this old knowledge about the mechanics and chemistry of breathing.”

My name is Mario Weltermann. I’m from Germany and currently work in Beijing (China) in the field of innovation management. My passion lies in lifelong learning, solving real-life problems, and taking other people on board this journey.

What impact did Oxygen Advantage have on my own life?

Breathing techniques worked like a breadcrumb trail that helped me navigate through challenging times in my own life and led to greater clarity and focus. But that’s not all, through the scientific foundation of Oxygen Advantage, I was also able to boost my performance during physical activity. That’s why it has become a hobby to spread the benefits of proper breathing so that other people can benefit from it as well.

As a passionate swimmer I learned at an early age how proper breathing made my swimming faster and more relaxed, focusing on my breath during Yoga helped me retain my balance and follow the movement with more ease, practicing years of Kungfu with the Shaolin showed me how to harness the power of Qi through breathing and when playing the piano, my music teacher taught me breathing techniques that made me feel less tense.

Who is Oxygen Advantage designed for?

If you would like to:

  • increase your performance during physical activities (such as jogging, swimming, and piano)
  • cope with stress and become more resilient, particularly in the workplace
  • improve your concentration and memory or calm a racing mind
  • fall asleep faster and improve your overall sleep quality
  • learn breathing techniques that can benefit asthma

Please get in touch with me for an initial consultation. I’m happy to answer your questions and provide more background information on the applied methods and techniques so that you can find out if the program is suitable for you.

Where and how do I teach?

Since I am based in Beijing, I offer in-person consultations in China. In addition, I provide online classes in German, English, or Chinese for clients all over the world via Zoom, Skype, or WeChat.

My teaching philosophy is based on the idea to use imagery and metaphors to translate complicated concepts into easily digestible pieces. Imagery offers a much more accessible method to intuitively understand new concepts, avoiding cognitive overload.

Looking forward to working with you!

  wechat ID: jindu-jun

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