Marisa Wood


  • Australia


Hey there! My name is Marisa (aka Missy) and I am from Melbourne, Australia.

I started doing meditation when covid started but then after having my 2nd baby I started looking into breathwork much more seriously because I had post natal depression that came out from nowhere.
Although I was in the ‘high’ chance of getting it with having it on my first and past history it did surprise me as I thought I was feeling pretty good.
Breathwork helped me a lot! Not only was I exploring some of the breathing techniques with my meditation but I really enjoyed the focus into the science of this.

I dug further and I have done a few different courses that have been offered and the major being the course to be an advanced instructor with Oxygen Advantage.

So, I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a go getting entrepreneur and a lady who gets stuff done! I always have. The saying, ‘give it to a busy person and it will get done’, well that’s me for sure.

I love to help people and I like to encourage especially when I have gone through it myself.

I also have a few little sneaky interesting things that I have done. Such as, I was the state captain of the LFL (Lingerie football league), I did a segment on Oprah and Friends radio with Bob Greene about the health and fitness industry (I was in this for 16 years).

I am passionate about diving into the areas of working with athletes in their performance and working with women around their cycle and breathwork as well as post natal breathwork. I do also include cold and hot therapy. I love it all!

Reach me anytime, I am a word of mouth coach and I look forward to working with you soon.

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