Mark Bowler
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom
I’m Mark and I run Pure Breath in Bedford, UK.

I help people to breathe better. I work with clients online and in-person.

Using Oxygen Advantage methods, I can help you:

Optimise your physical and mental health.

Sleep better and banish snoring.

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Achieve peak performance states, whether in education, sport, business, or the performing arts.

Cultivate focus, concentration, and calm.

Improve your BOLT score and reduce breathlessness, whether for general health or improved athletic performance.

Manage symptoms of asthma and long COVID.

Make the switch to nasal breathing during rest, sleep, and exercise.

I offer explanations as to why the Oxygen Advantage methods work so that you will gain a deeply embodied understanding of how functional breathing can positively affect your life.

I trained to become an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor following a powerful series of changes to my own physical and mental health that were underpinned by a breathwork practice.

Although I had found a toolbox to help with my problems with chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorder, I struggled to find out why the techniques I was using were working. This led me to Patrick McKeown and the Oxygen Advantage, a method underpinned by science and one that strives to evolve alongside the scientific evidence.

My coaching has measurable outcomes, and with a little work you will find that positive effects arise quickly.

My background is in the performing arts and academia as a musician and composer, and performance anxiety is a specialist area. I’m also a runner (now nose-breathing up to and over 10k) and archer (staying calm under pressure).

Whatever your personal goals, get in touch now and we can work together towards achieving them.

Pure Breath is a neurodivergent-friendly and LGBTQ+ friendly business. We have breathing programmes available for all ages (5+ yrs) and abilities.

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