Mark Hallam


  • Australia


Mark is a Melbourne based Personal Trainer that has a passion for helping clients achieve their optimal levels of health. He believes breathing and improving our functional breathing should be just as much a priority as factors such as training, nutrition, movement, and many others that make up a person’s health and fitness program.

Having suffered with breathing problems as a child and all through adolescence, due to some structural problems with his nose, Mark experienced many nights of lost sleep, reduced physical performance and consistent aggravation related to these issues. Having implemented the Oxygen Advantage philosophy upon himself he has seen first hand the amazing impact that improved functional breathing can have on not just the factors previously mentioned, but on overall lifestyle and happiness levels as well. Being a keen endurance athlete, competing in Iron Men and Marathons, he has also seen the benefit that the Oxygen Advantage drills have had on his performance in training for these events.

He teaches clients 1-1, online and in group sessions to help them experience the same benefits that he’s seen for himself.

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