Mark Yanai
United States of America


  • United States of America


Mark is a licensed physical therapist in Hawaii and President of Operations for Fukuji & Lum
Physical Therapy. He received his Master’s of PT from AT Still University’s Arizona School of
Health Sciences in 1998. He is a certified Functional Capacity Examiner through Ergoscience
and specializes in working with adults injured on the job at the Windward Occupational Rehab
Center in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

“In working with injured adults, I’ve recognized how trauma impacts a person’s ability to breathe
properly, handle stress, and rehabilitate from a physical injury. Addressing dysfunctional
breathing patterns early in the process significantly improves a person’s ability to tolerate
physical therapy and restore overall function. The Oxygen Advantage program helps to address
the psychological factors that come with injuries and improves overall breathing efficiency in
maximizing the results of physical therapy. The combination of manual therapy and proper
exercise prescription makes for an optimal outcome for any person seeking their highest human
potential. Clients come to me seeking rehabilitation and continue to work with me beyond that
process to achieve their ultimate performance goals. The Oxygen Advantage is a huge component
in my program.”

“Recent changes due to COVID-19 have taught me that I can still reach people throughout the
world through video coaching, phone or in person.”

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