Marko Kuna


  • Australia



Hi, my name is Marko. Living in Melbourne, Australia. I was introduced to the buteyko method and oxygen advantage in early 2020. It has changed my life. A father of two boys whom I practice and teach breathing too and have seen a significant difference with them by just learning how to breath. 
I’m very passionate about mental health and belive everything can be solved with some nice, slow and long breaths. 
I had the honour to meet Patrick in Sydney during an oxygen advantage course, he is unbelievably passionate about breathing and has spread that onto me. 
I have been helping individuals with enhancing the performances with the OA training, the results speak for them self. 
I would love to help individual athletes, teams increase there abilities and enhance there performance. 
I would be honoured to help people by teaching them how to breathe, one breath at a time. 
Learn how to take control of your life by breathing. One slow breath at a time. 

Look forward to breathing with you, Marko. 

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