Markus Mutter


  • Spain

I have a background in Sustainable Development & Circular Economy Consulting, where I was always focussed on helping businesses turn into a force for environmental and social good. As a Freediving Instructor & Competition Safety Freediver, the oceans and water are my playground and learning environment. Nearly a decade of Freediving taught me, that environmentally and socially regenerative actions are based upon self-aware, mentally & physically healthy and compassionate individuals, and that the breath is the most powerful and effective way in that direction.

I live & teach Freediving as a powerful tool to develop breath awareness & control, mental resilience and physical endurance. The same techniques that help us to control our nervous system, calm down and focus, can also help us to decelerate and develop a different approach to handle stress, anxiety and high pressure situations in other areas of our lives. With my project OceanMinded I combine Functional Breathwork & Freediving Techniques for physical and mental holistic well-being. I integrated OxygenAdvantage® as the leading global Training Program teaching the science behind optimal breathing into my methods, because the methodology, the science backed facts and the existing community of OA Instructors help to make Functional Breathwork more accessible to the people who need it most.

– I am German residing in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Spain.

– I teach online, face to face in 3 languages (German, Spanish, English)

– I work and want to continue to work with mainly 3 groups of clients. Patients with acute breathing disorders, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, emotional distress etc.. Athletes searching for performance improvement and recovery protocols. The Corporate sector where I want to develop coaching programs for stress resilience, focus & concentration, self-development & leadership.

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