Martin Walter


  • Germany


Hi! My name is Martin from Germany.

After many years in the newsroom as a journalist for the Geman public media ARD I was lured by a new adventure. Living overseas in Canada I became aware of Breathwork and the power it holds. After I had graduated as a YOGABODY Breath Coach with Lucas Rockwood I enjoyed the meaningful work with my clients so much that I co-founded BreathQ Academy – a collaboration of certified breath coaches teaching science-based breathing techniques for life improvement. Fascinated by Patrick McKeown and his work with the Oxygen Advantage I was keen to extend my knowledge.

Today I am working remotely and have completely rebalanced my working life. I am living in Germany again (currently in the area around MAINZ), coaching clients online and face-to-face. In addition to my breath coaching I keep the balls in the air as a Digital Managing Editor for ARD Mediathek. It‘s the perfect mix between healthy body awareness, deep relaxation and digital multi-tasking.

I am your guy if you are looking for an Oxygen Advantage Instructor who knows exactly what it means to balance a busy laptop job and a fulfilled and active private life. Looking forward to work with you!

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