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With an extended background in sports during his childhood ranging from swimming to Bruce Lee’s jeet tune do, Massimo has always been fascinated by human performance and its development.

At 17 clear signals of overtraining started to become unsustainable, hence Massimo realized that human performance is about quality of training and lifestyle, not quantity.

From that moment on, Massimo redirected most of his effort into studying anatomy, physiology, chemistry to such an extent as to found his own method “Threequilibrium – Human Enhancing System” and become the reference point for all those athletes and not that want to enhance their health and performance through knowledge instead of just high intensity.

The principles of the method regarding training, nutrition and mood also became the subjects of Massimo’s final thesis at university that granted him the highest degree in science of nutrition in late 2008.

The discovery of “The Oxygen Advantage”, after almost twenty years in the field of human performance, was very illuminating to Massimo who rushed himself into reading the book and doing the Instructor course in London straight away.

Nowadays Massimo proudly teaches the Oxygen Advantage principles and techniques to all his clients as completion of Threequilibrium principles of posture and mental training for sports.

Massimo also organizes seminars on running named “Redefining Running” where every student is taken from the very basic principles of human movement to the advanced altitude simulations to increase oxygen carriers naturally, passing through several other running/health related topics such as tissue preparation for running, barefoot running technique, strength training for a runner’s health and bone density, heat/cold resistance and nutrition strategies to boost endurance.

Massimo works live in Pesaro and Senigallia, Italy and online.

He is also available for seminars in Italy and all english speaking countries.

To contact him fill the form on or on

Youtube: ThreequilibriumITA

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