Mat Kinnear


  • Australia


Mat is a Human Performance Specialist with extensive experience in health and fitness. He has a special focus on Breathwork and has been a life-long athlete and barefoot runner for over 20 years. Mat’s passion for bringing out the best in people is one of his greatest strengths. Mat holds certifications in various fields, including Oxygen Advantage, Integrative Nutrition Coaching, Massage Therapy, Crossfit Coaching, and Personal Training.

From a young age, Mat has been committed to becoming the best version of himself. He discovered the power of breath as a teenager while practicing Kung Fu. Through breath and meditation, he saw possibilities not visible to the naked eye, but felt through doing and feeling. He now mentors clients on their journey to health and wellness, emphasising the importance of living a natural life, connected to nature and self.

Since discovering and learning about the Oxygen Advantage knowledge and techniques, Mat has been even more enthusiastic about sharing this to the world. He is excited to help people achieve their optimal state as a high-performing human. With Mats expertise and guidance, you can experience the benefits of optimal breathing and take your health, fitness & wellness to the next level. Mat is based in Noosa, QLD. He is available for corporate events, zoom coaching calls and athletic performance workshops.

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