Matt Collings
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Since graduating from Loughborough University, Matt Collings has worked in the commercial side of sport (spent 10 years at IMG) and recently founded collings performance, a performance consultancy with a mission of “maximizing human, then athletic performance.” Being an Advanced Oxygen Advantage breathing instructor will form the foundation of his work with athletes & teams (both recreational and professional) and high performing corporate clients.

His approach is to work with clients firstly from a human perspective, working with breathing as a foundation of health, prior to focusing on the athlete, and working towards sports specific performance goals.

Matt is based in London and works with clients on a 1-to-1 or group basis, both in person and/or via Zoom.

As a cyclist, golfer & runner, he has seen huge performance benefits in terms of speed, endurance, functional movement, calmness & mental focus and is excited to help others get the best from their performance.

collings performance. first human / then athlete.

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