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I’m Matt, a health coach based in Leeds. 

I offer 121 health coaching and small group workshops. I predominantly work with busy professionals 35yrs to 60yrs supporting them with all things lifestyle and health related.

I have a background in all things physical! 

After joining the Royal Marines at 17yrs old, I passed Commando training and served at 45 Commando for 4yrs. Since leaving, I have continued to be very active in sport. Playing rugby league into my early 30’s and then transitioning into sport climbing, mountaineering and triathlon. 
In 2012 I retrained as a sports therapist and coach and in 2014 opened my own gym. 

Since 2014 I have been focussing on broader aspects of health and have been exploring breathwork, cold immersion therapy, mindfulness and nutrition to really get a better understanding of what individuals need to thrive, both with their physical and mental health.

In 2022 I decided to close the gym and focus on health coaching. Helping individuals, especially men around my age (46yrs), prioritise the right things in life. Creating healthy lifestyle habits in order to help them manage life’s stresses better, have more energy, lose excess weight, sleep better, enjoy sport and most important, time with family and friends. 

A key component of my approach is using the breath, to manage anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, optimise performance and a whole host of other benefits. I use the Oxygen Advantage system to achieve this. 

I currently offer 121 health coaching, breathwork and heat contrast therapy workshops and 121 breathwork coaching. 

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