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Greetings! My name is Matt Wiebe of Mala Wellness Collective, and I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. On top of being an Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor, I am also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Soma Breathwork Journey Instructor.

During my years in the holistic health and wellness space, it has become clear that how you breathe profoundly dictates your general health and performance, as well as your quality of life and relationships.

Healthy, functional breathing is often an overlooked, foundational part of people’s wellness practices. Even various fitness, breathwork, and yoga modalities often fail to consider how breathing actually works and what is going on physiologically in your body during the act of breathing.

The potential downstream effects of healthy, functional, and efficient breathing will be better performance and decision making in all areas of your life. Simply by improving your breathing, you may in turn be giving yourself the foundational component you didn’t know was missing in order to begin cultivating the health outcomes you seek.

Healthy breathing results in less stress, better sleep, and more energy means. Those states mean better decision making when it comes to the choices, we make that impact our health. Think of how often we make healthy decisions when we are overly stressed or overly tired. Generally, a state of subpar energy and excess stress is where a lot of our worst, most impulsive, will power lacking, unhealthy decisions tend to be made.

Your breath is THE fundamental determinant of your physical, mental and emotional state and health.

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