Matthew Bagwell
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom



I am a Performance Coach and endurance athlete, based in Brighton, UK. I teach breathwork in person and online.

I run multistage ultramarathons, marathons, and Olympic and Ironman triathlons. My career spans Executive-level creative leadership, driving high-performance team cultures. I also created and sold an international footwear company.

I began practicing breathwork in 2019 and it has changed the way I perform in every aspect of my life. As an Oxygen Advantage™ Master Instructor, I understand why breathwork works (in terms of biology and neurology) and have access to actional exercises I apply to my classes. I coach one-to-one clients and groups, using a spectrum of protocols to enhance physical and mental performance. Breathwork is now a fundamental part of those protocols; I have taught hundreds of classes all over the world from extraordinary international athletes to football teams to businesses to everyday people like me.

Who should work with me? Anyone who wants to know how to manage their body and mind optimally for higher performance. People who want to do their sport more efficiently. People who want to manage stress, avoid depression and anxiety, or sleep better. And people who want to unlock their creativity, using breathing and powerful pre-visualisation techniques.

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