Matthew Beecroft


  • Australia


Matt Beecroft is the owner of Reality SDC and is a Fitness Director with Goodlife Health Clubs. He is a personal trainer/coach with 20 years of full time experience. Matthew is a Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) instructor, Co-Director in Australia for Ground Force Method (GFM), National Fitness Presenter with Thump Boxing and Kickboxing for Fitness , Expert Level 2 Krav Maga Global Instructor, Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) Team Leader, Functional Movement Screen (FMS Level 1&2, CK-FMS) certified instructor, Animal Flow instructor and amateur and professional Muay Thai coach.

Matthew is passionate about health, movement and high performance, and better breathing as a vital component of all 3, Matt uses the Oxygen Advantage®, Buteyko Method and better breathing to assist his clients achieve their goals of better health, fitness and personal safety.

He can be contacted through his website