Matthew Marino
United States of America


  • United States of America



Matthew Marino is the founder and co-owner of Prime Performance LLC.

Matthew is a passionate practitioner dedicated to helping people heal, improve overall health, enhance wellbeing, and perform at the highest possible levels in sports, at work, and in life. Matt’s scientific approach to delivering the highest quality Physical Therapy, sport science, and performance coaching leverages cutting edge technology to collect and analyze highly accurate and reliable data to design personalized treatment plans and training programs. His approach attacks the root cause of problems, targets the highest priority limitations, and eliminates them.
Matt delivers a continuum of services to help patients and clients recover, return to sports or work, prevent injuries, and optimize health and performance.

Matt has been a trainer and coach since 2001. He has been a Physical Therapist since 2006, practicing in sports, orthopaedic, industrial, neurological, and long-term acute care settings. As a lifetime learner, Matt has obtained decades of post grad training, and holds numerous advanced certifications.

In recent years Matt has become focused on his work as a sport scientist, allowing him to combine rehab, science, and coaching to deliver a unique spectrum of services.